January 11, 2016

The Quickest Way to Lose Weight and See the Results

It is very easy to gain weight yet very hard to lose it. If you eat meals that are high in carbohydrates for a week, you immediately see and feel the weight you have gained.

Yet even if you totally eliminate the carbohydrates for the same length of time, the results would not be as visible. Weight loss requires a strong body and mind. It has little to do with fad diets, designer exercises, and weight loss supplements.

What you can try is coming up with a weight loss strategy where your involvement will be in the form of increased discipline and some lifestyle changes. There are some tweaks you can do in your daily life that when done religiously can lead to significant weight loss that you can see and feel. Try setting a month-long weight loss goal for starters by simply modifying some of the things you do.

Toss the Junk Food

This would be the easiest and simplest first step to modifying your lifestyle. Steer clear of foods that have high levels of saturated fat. This includes processed meats, dairy products, fast food, fried foods, cakes and pastries. The next time you’re in the grocery head on to the fresh foods section and stock up on fruits and vegetables.

Cut Your Portions

Reduce your total food intake daily and count the calories you take in. Weight loss can only happen if you spend more calories than you take in. This is what is known as creating a caloric deficit. If you can keep the calories that enter your body to just 500, either by diet or exercise, you will be able to lose at least one pound in a week or four pounds a month.

Of course you can always lose more but not to the detriment of your general health. You can log on to health and fitness websites over the Internet to find the calorie content of some popular healthy foods. This will enable you to make wise food choices all the time.

Drink Water

Flavored beverages still contain calories. They are actually more dangerous as people see liquids as quite harmless in terms of their impact on the body. Avoid commercial juices, iced teas, soda, flavored coffee, and alcohol. Water has no calories and they work the same way as flavored beverage in quenching your thirst. The recommended daily volume of water intake for women is somewhere less than three liters and for men it is somewhere under four liters.

Increase Your Meals

Instead of the regular three square meals a day, try spreading it out to five or six at controlled portions of course. More meals throughout the day will satisfy your appetite and craving for food and will help you improve your metabolism.

Move Your Body

An important part of your weight loss plan should be working out daily. Many people are not comfortable with the gym atmosphere but that shouldn’t stop them from working up a sweat. Aim for a minimum of 45 minutes of cardiovascular activity to strengthen the lungs and heart.

Later on, you can incorporate weight training into your workout to target the body’s major muscle groups. Some recommended cardiovascular activities other than running include hiking, swimming, biking, rope jumping, and stair climbing.