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December 17, 2016

Understanding How Weight Loss Supplements Work

When you go online, you will see how so many products promise to make you lose a number of pounds within a few weeks, and they come in the form of weight loss supplements.

But how exactly do these weight loss supplements work? And if you want to incorporate it into your weight loss program along with diet and exercise, how are you supposed to choose the best one? That is exactly what we will try to find out here.

A Quick Look at How Weight Loss Supplements Work

It really is quite tempting to take a short cut especially if you have more than twenty pounds to lose, so you rely on weight loss supplements to help you tip the weighing scale a bit more likely. However, keep in mind that there are potentially unsafe side effects for some of these weight loss products.

Learning as much information as you can about the active ingredients of each one and understanding how they work will help you make a solid decision about which one to take. Naturally, you should also make sure that there is no side effect once you take a particular weight loss supplement.

To get you started on your quest in choosing the best weight loss supplement, take a look at the way that some products claim to help you shed off the excess pounds:

  • By decreasing the absorption of dietary fat.
  • By increasing the number of calories burned
  • By blocking the absorption of dietary fat.
  • By decreasing appetite and helping build muscle.
  • By increasing fat metabolism.
  • By helping you feel fuller, faster.

Choosing The Best Weight Loss Supplement

Now that you already have an idea about how these weight loss products are supposed to work, how can you make a decision as to which one is safest? As mentioned earlier, you need to check on exactly how the product works and whether or not there are any side effects to using them. Another important factor that you should take into consideration is the active ingredient in the weight loss supplement.

Even before taking a particular weight loss supplement, make sure to check the Food and Drug Administration website so that you can see whether there are alerts about the safety of a particular product.  The site should also show you some basic information on how effective a weight loss product really is.

Let’s take Phen375 supplement as an example. this is a pharmacy-grade weight loss product which helps boost your metabolism, burn your body fat and boost your metabolism by using up your energy at a faster rate. These are the benefits of Phen375 as listed by the FDA, so it should help you lose five pounds in as little as one week.

Finally, don’t forget to combine the right diet with exercising even while taking these weight loss supplements. Eating healthier and exercising should be a way of life so that you can shed off the excess weight that you have – and keep them off permanently.

November 2, 2016

Don’t be Duped by Weight Loss Scams? Here’s How to Recognize Them

With all the conveniences which are available today, it’s easy to fall into the trap of leading a sedentary lifestyle. Before you know it, you hardly have any physical activity and you are twenty pounds overweight.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong in having a heavier-than-usual body, there are health issues concerned that is why a lot of people still work to meet their ideal body weight – based on their height and age.

The problem is that there are a lot of diet plans, weight loss products, exercise programs and pricey equipment which really do not work. Here, we will take a look at how you should not be duped by weight loss scams – by recognizing the warning signs and knowing how to really look for a weight loss product that works.

Doing Your Homework: Learn About The Basics of Weight Loss Scams

First, what constitutes a weight loss scam? When you go online or when you see a flyer which promises to help you shed off a good number of pounds within an impossibly short period of time, you might be dealing with a weight loss scam.

You already know that weight loss is really difficult even if you have a ‘legitimate’ diet plan or exercise program. So how can these so-called weight loss miracle programs do the work, with very little effort on your part, in no time at all?

Remember that scammers take advantage of the fact that people want to reach their ideal weight even without exerting enough effort for the task. They even use celebrity product endorsers just so that they can dupe people into thinking that a particular weight loss program really works.

When you go through one of those crash diets that celebrities use to play a part in a movie, remember that there are certain health issues involved and the results are mostly temporary.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

Now, how can you recognize that a particular weight loss product is merely a scam? Here are the warning signs to watch out for:

  • The product is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • There is no scientific evidence that a particular program, food, supplement, gadget or weight loss process really works.
  • The weight loss product is sold outside the normal commercial distribution channels – such as e-mail advertisements only.
  • The ad makes impossible weight loss claims about how you can lose this number of pounds in this number of days.
  • The product claims to reduce fat only in certain parts of the body.

There’s a product in the market called Phen375 which is a pharmacy-grade weight loss product listed by the FDA. It helps suppress the appetite and boost your metabolism. Unlike other weight loss products which make impossible claims, this is one of the few products out there which has the backing of solid research and proven-to-work ingredients.

All in all, the rule of thumb to follow when recognizing weight loss scams is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You really should exercise caution in choosing the right weight loss product for you, so learn how to recognize these warning signs of weight loss scams.

July 22, 2016

How to Choose Effective Diet Plan for Women

Are you having a hard time choosing the best diet plan for women? This is not surprising because adopting a diet plan takes dedication and discipline.  However, there are some practical things that you can do in order to discover the best diet program suitable for women.

Remember that men and women have different dietary needs.  When you make a research for different diet programs, make sure that you are choosing a plan or strategy specifically designed for women.  So here are some tips on how you can pick the best diet plan for women.


Try to Experiment with Different Plans

If you are still starting to diet, you may want to experiment with a plan for at least 30 days.  A month is the minimum benchmark to see if you can live with your diet plan.  Take note that you will feel lousy for the first 15 days before you can feel better.  At the end of the month, you will be able to see concrete results of your dieting.

Limit your experimentation with two to three diet programs only.  It is really not healthy to frequently change your diet each month. You can not achieve long term results if you will change your diet plan month after month.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When choosing the best diet plan for women, it is very important to consider your lifestyle.  For example, if you are working long hours and you do not have the time to sustain an exercise routine, it would be best if you can choose a diet plan that is low in fat and carbohydrates.

For those who are not fond of cooking or for busy moms and career women who have no time to cook their meals, a diet consisting of replacement meals would be suitable.  You can get your protein requirements from protein shakes.  Your carb and fats requirements can also be sourced from easy to eat fruits, raw vegetables, yogurts, and nuts.

Get Advice from a Professional

You can consult a dietitian, professional nutritionist or a diet coach to know the best diet plan suitable for your specific needs.  This is the best approach in order to make sure that you will not adopt the wrong diet.

When you consult a diet professional, your body’s dietary needs will be considered.  The dietitian can also set goals for you.  Getting the help of a professional is the best way to optimize your diet program.  You will be able to achieve greater success if you have a coach who can guide you.

Choose a Diet Plan that Will Meet Your Goals

Diet programs have different sets of goals. You can adopt a diet specifically to lose weight.  You may also want to start a program to lower your cholesterol or to reduce carbohydrate intake. Some diet plans are also designed to fight the ravages of aging.

So before you choose the best diet plan for women, you have to be clear about your goals.  If your plan has a purpose, you will be able to easily measure your gains to know if the diet plan is working or not.

June 21, 2016

Finding A Diet Plan to Lose Weight

It is not easy to find good diet plans for women. That is because diet programs designed for women answer different needs. If you will not set a specific goal, you might end up adopting a diet that will not work for your unique situation.

So before you adopt a diet plan, make sure that it would be perfect for your overall weight loss goals. It is also highly advisable to find diet plans that you will enjoy for the long term.

Remember that some women fail to achieve their goals because they can not effectively follow their diet plans. To get the best results, here are good diet plans for women that can help you lose weight quickly.

Low Fat Diet

A low fat diet plan has been found very effective for weight loss. It can also help you to easily manage the weight you want. Basically, a low fat diet requires you to eat foods that have low caloric density.

So you have to focus on bulky foods that can fill you up quite quickly without giving you excess calories. These bulky foods include whole wheat grains, all kinds of vegetables, and fruits. You may also include lean meat in your diet but do not fry it. It would be best if you broil or grill lean meat in order to minimize your fat consumption.

Diet for Breastfeeding Mothers

Losing weight after giving birth is very challenging for most women. If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, you should be careful in choosing good diet plans for women. You have to eat the right types of foods that will enable your body to produce milk. At the same time, the food you eat should help you to lose weight.

To get the best results, your diet should consist of high energy foods like lean meat, red meat fish, and clams or seashells. The energy that you can get from these foods will optimize milk production. Your daily diet should also contain lots of fiber to maximize your body’s fat burning abilities. This means consuming plenty of fruits that are rich in vitamin C.

Gluten Free Diet for Women

For those suffering from gluten intolerance, a gluten free diet could be a good option. This kind of diet is recommended for women who have been diagnosed with coeliac disease. It is also best for obese individuals who want to quickly lose weight.

A gluten free diet eliminates all types of breads, pasta, and other convenience foods. Your diet should focus more on lean meat and poultry. Raw nuts, vegetables, and fruits must be included in your daily meals. Just remember to avoid starchy foods like potatoes or wheat based products.

There are many good diet plans for women. However, not all diet plans and programs may work on you. You need to choose a diet that answers the unique needs of your body. It should also complement your lifestyles and your long terms goals so that you can enjoy your daily meals.

May 10, 2016

The 20 Best Weight Loss Foods

When you are looking for a way to shed off the excess pounds that you have, you should definitely base it on your lifestyle. For instance, if you loathe going to the gym but you do have the discipline to watch your diet, then a food-based weight loss program will work best for you.

Naturally, gym buffs would have a blast sculpting their muscles as they perform rigorous workouts. If you think that you can combine the two, then you can go for a weight loss program which has both dieting and exercising techniques to help you achieve your goal.

Here, we will focus our attention on a food-based weight loss program. The best way to get started is to determine which foods are not calorie-laden – but will keep your energy up without packing on the excess pounds.

What are the Top 20 Foods to Help You Lose Weight?

To get you started, here is a quick list of the top 20 foods that will help you lose weight:


Not only do apples help keep the doctor away, but they’re a great way to lose weight as well. Apples are high in fiber and rich in antioxidants which help prevent the extra flab going into your belly.


Instead of munching on potato chips, pack a small bag of almonds instead and eat them while you’re on the go. They’re extremely filling and will stop you from overeating.


When you eat fried or junk foods which are high in saturated fat, you can eat avocados to replace the bad fats in your diet while helping you lose weight at the same time.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a type of nutritious grain which is high in fiber content, thus leaving you feeling satisfied after eating.


The grass-fed variety of beef is the best way to go, and its protein content will fill you up in no time while preventing the urge to overeat.


Who knew that the world’s most addicting stimulant will also help give your weight loss program a boost? Coffee helps boost your metabolism and prevents insulin resistance which leads to obesity and diabetes.


Another great ingredient to include in your weight loss diet is cinnamon, which is said to break down the blood sugar in the body in such a way that the development of belly fat can be prevented.

Dairy Products

Stock up on milk, cheese and other dairy products to shed off the excess pounds that you have, burn fat and have a drastic cut back on calories.


Fish is a natural weight loss food, which should already be included in your regular diet anyway.

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural weight loss stimulant which boosts your metabolism, promotes heart health and even aids in digestion.


Also called a superfood for weight loss, grapefruit is even featured as a main ingredient in diet programs. It’s the ultimate fat-fighting food item which has less than 40 calories and a lot of health benefits as well.


This is a certified belly-fat fighter. Lentils are high in protein and the blood sugar-stabilizing soluble fiber. Once you eat lentils, insulin spikes which cause the body to create excess fat are prevented.


Legumes like beans, lentils, peas, peanuts and soybeans have complex carbohydrates, high in fiber and protein – while being low in fat.


This fiber-rich breakfast staple will help make you feel fuller, faster which also helps prevent those in-between snacking cravings.


Despite having roughly the same number of calories as cookies, pears help you shed off the excess pounds easily.


Even the canned variety of pumpkins only contain 40 calories and they’re rich in fiber, making this veggie more than just the star of Thanksgiving celebrations – but your diet program as well.


Sardines help stabilize blood sugars, boost metabolism and also make you feel fuller, faster.


Quinoa is a type of whole grain which packs on the fiber and protein, helping stave off any cravings that you might have for hours. You can use quinoa as a rice substitute or take it with raisins and chopped nuts instead of a bowl of sugar-infused cereals for breakfast.

Wild Salmon

The Omega-3 fatty acids in this fish helps improve insulin sensitivity, build muscle and decrease belly fat.


Yogurt isn’t called “the perfect food” by dieticians for nothing. Its carbs, protein and fat content help stave off hunger while keeping the blood sugar level steady. Consuming yogurt is especially beneficial if you are targeting losing the excess fat in your belly.

April 25, 2016

Simple Steps to Boost Your Metabolism Burn More Fat

Over the years, how many times have you placed “lose weight” or “exercise more” on your set of to-do or goals list? If you haven’t been successful so far in reaching your ideal body weight or at least shedding off the excess pounds that you have so that you can become healthier, now is as good a time as any to get back on track.

Why it Pays to Boost your Metabolism & Burn More Fat

When you’re following a plan to achieve your fitness goals, taking steps to burn more fat is already a given.  But how about boosting your metabolism? How exactly would this help you achieve your weight loss goals?

If you’ve noticed how some people, no matter how much they eat on a daily basis, never seem to gain weight – it’s most probably because they have a fast metabolism.

Some people are naturally born with it but if you’re not, there are still a few things that you can do in order to speed it up.  The faster your body burns up energy, the less likely you are to gain weight. This is because your body immediately uses or burns up the energy stored as you consume food, so less fat will be stored. This is also the reason behind

What Exactly are these Steps to Follow?

To get you started on boosting your metabolism and burning off the excess fat in your body, here are a few steps that you can follow:

  • Perform high-intensity, calorie-burning exercises.

In terms of exercising, there are actually a lot of things that you can do to boost your metabolism. Basically, the rule of thumb to follow is that the more intense you workout, the more calories you will burn. Plan to do these short bursts of high-intensity workouts at least three times a week so that you can give your metabolism a much-needed boost.

  • Have shorter but more frequent workouts.

In order to boost your metabolism, you should actually be doing shorter but more frequent workouts instead of long but seldom ones. For instance, you can fire up your metabolism by doing 10-minute workouts four times a week, instead of 30-minute workouts two or three times a day.

  • Mind your diet.

Finally, there’s always your diet that you need to consider. Eating more fiber and protein-rich foods can fire up your metabolism. You don’t necessarily need to go on a high-protein diet, but having at least 30% protein content on what you’re eating is great way to boost your metabolism. Drinking lots of water, green tea and even adding spices to your meals will help boost your metabolism and help you burn fat faster.

Lastly, consider using products like the pharmacy-grade weight loss pills like Phen375. It works pretty much like the original Phentermine drug as it boosts your body’s fat-burning ability by increasing your metabolism. In the same vein, it helps suppress your appetite and does not have any know side effects.

No matter which method it is that you end up choosing when it comes to your weight loss program, the important thing is to have realistic expectations and reach your fitness goals the healthy way.

March 20, 2016

Help With Weight Loss – 5 Crucial Tips

There is a famous saying in Hindi which says “Eat to live. Don’t live to eat.” Controlling our eating habits, intake of balanced diet as well as regular work-out can help with weight loss.

Besides hereditary there are several other causes for weight gain. Our sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits and intake of calories more than needed. If proper actions are not taken on time then it can put your life at risk. Unwanted weight gain leads to the problem of obesity which in turn affects our heart, respiratory system as well as digestive system.

Every day we see a lot of advertisements in newspapers saying “Lose 5 kgs in 1 month for only 5000 bucks!”, “2 months later. 7 kilos lighter. And a plan that worked for me.”, “Personal Trainer will help you in burning those extra calories.”, “Get off the Couch and join our gym.” These ads are eye-catching and fat people generally tend to fall for it. As long as there are no side effects, you can pursue these techniques. Here are 5 steps that will help you in weight reduction, inch-loss and get rid of that unwanted flab.

1. Healthy and Balanced Diet: Avoid fatty foods like fried food, junk food, desserts, alcohol, soft drinks, etc.  Based on your daily eating habits calculate your calorie intake. Compare this with the required calorie for your body type and try to cut down on those extra ones.

For example daily calorie requirement for a man weighing 60 kgs/132 lbs with age between 18 to 35 years should be around 2400. If he is consuming more than 2400 Calories per day without doing any work-out or exercise then he needs to subtract those calories in order to maintain his weight.

2. Consult a dietician: A proper healthy diet plan can help in reducing weight. A complete meal consists of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fibres required for proper functioning of our body. A dietician can help in preparing a customized diet plan based on your bodily requirements. Eat less, Eat healthy.

3. Regular work-out: Healthy diet combined with exercise will definitely show you some handsome returns. Working out at gym or playing sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming, biking etc effectively burns calories. Choose the physical activity that suits your body and stay active. Idle body, idle mind.

4. Drink a lot: Don’t get me wrong. I am talking about Water. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily helps in metabolism. Drink water at regular intervals. One can also drink lemon/lime water, unsweetened tea, low fat milk or sugar free drinks that help with weight loss.

5. Stay motivated: Never give up hope. Weight loss doesn’t take place overnight. It is a gradual and a slow process where one needs to be determined and self restraint. Avoid temptations and follow a strict diet. Eat fruits, vegetables, cereals; drink milk and water. Stay active by regular physical exercise.

Weight gain is a serious problem but it can be prevented or cured by maintaining proper diet and active lifestyle. Do or eat things that help with weight loss.

February 17, 2016

Losing Weight is as Simple as Math

Millions of people in the United States – and billions around the world – are suffering from being overweight. As you may already know, tipping the scales a bit too heavily leads to health problems like potential diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, gout, breathing problems and it may even lead to certain types of cancers. The more overweight you are, the higher your risks are of developing these health problems.

Now, with all the weight loss products which are made available for the general consuming public, why is it that a lot of people are still struggling to lose weight? If you will believe the advertisement of weight loss product manufacturers, becoming fit is as simple as taking a pill, going through a diet or exercise program. But is it really that simple? How can you come up with a weight loss solution that is as simple as math? Read on to find out. 

To be able to compare losing weight with the simplicity of solving a non-complex math equation, here are a few basic solutions to your weight loss dilemmas:

  • Weight loss = Calories burned > Calories consumed

This is probably one of the easiest mathematical formulas which apply to everybody who wants to lose weight. You need to burn more calorie than you consumed, which pretty much all boils down to having as much physical activity as possible. You don’t necessarily need to obsessively count calories, as long as you are sure that you are burning off more than what you ate.

  • Weight loss = Consistent workout sessions

Yet another rule that you should keep in mind is that weight loss equates to consistent workout sessions, at least if you want to permanently keep those extra pesky pounds off. Basically, you can take your pick from exercise-based or diet-based weight loss programs – or use a combination of both. However, exercising is really important so that you can have a strong, fit and leaner body.

  • Weight loss = Having a support system.

If you have not been successful with your workout sessions in the past, then having a workout buddy might help. You can workout with a friend, your spouse or even use the workout time to bond with your child. As long as there is some form of physical exertion going on, it should be considered part of your workout time. Just make sure that you have someone else to support you through journey in getting rid of your excess weight. If you’re working out with a friend, you can monitor each other’s progress and simply make the activity more fun.

  • Weight loss is not equal to setting impossible goals.

Finally, remember that weight loss is not equal to setting impossible goals. Have realistic goals for yourself. Do not immediately rush into losing twenty pounds all at once – work on losing five pounds first then work on losing five pounds more. It’s all a matter of turning eating healthy and exercising into a way of life, rather than using it as a temporary solution for weight loss.

January 11, 2016

The Quickest Way to Lose Weight and See the Results

It is very easy to gain weight yet very hard to lose it. If you eat meals that are high in carbohydrates for a week, you immediately see and feel the weight you have gained.

Yet even if you totally eliminate the carbohydrates for the same length of time, the results would not be as visible. Weight loss requires a strong body and mind. It has little to do with fad diets, designer exercises, and weight loss supplements.

What you can try is coming up with a weight loss strategy where your involvement will be in the form of increased discipline and some lifestyle changes. There are some tweaks you can do in your daily life that when done religiously can lead to significant weight loss that you can see and feel. Try setting a month-long weight loss goal for starters by simply modifying some of the things you do.

Toss the Junk Food

This would be the easiest and simplest first step to modifying your lifestyle. Steer clear of foods that have high levels of saturated fat. This includes processed meats, dairy products, fast food, fried foods, cakes and pastries. The next time you’re in the grocery head on to the fresh foods section and stock up on fruits and vegetables.

Cut Your Portions

Reduce your total food intake daily and count the calories you take in. Weight loss can only happen if you spend more calories than you take in. This is what is known as creating a caloric deficit. If you can keep the calories that enter your body to just 500, either by diet or exercise, you will be able to lose at least one pound in a week or four pounds a month.

Of course you can always lose more but not to the detriment of your general health. You can log on to health and fitness websites over the Internet to find the calorie content of some popular healthy foods. This will enable you to make wise food choices all the time.

Drink Water

Flavored beverages still contain calories. They are actually more dangerous as people see liquids as quite harmless in terms of their impact on the body. Avoid commercial juices, iced teas, soda, flavored coffee, and alcohol. Water has no calories and they work the same way as flavored beverage in quenching your thirst. The recommended daily volume of water intake for women is somewhere less than three liters and for men it is somewhere under four liters.

Increase Your Meals

Instead of the regular three square meals a day, try spreading it out to five or six at controlled portions of course. More meals throughout the day will satisfy your appetite and craving for food and will help you improve your metabolism.

Move Your Body

An important part of your weight loss plan should be working out daily. Many people are not comfortable with the gym atmosphere but that shouldn’t stop them from working up a sweat. Aim for a minimum of 45 minutes of cardiovascular activity to strengthen the lungs and heart.

Later on, you can incorporate weight training into your workout to target the body’s major muscle groups. Some recommended cardiovascular activities other than running include hiking, swimming, biking, rope jumping, and stair climbing.

December 17, 2014

5 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

It is a common misconception that the best way to rid yourself of that unsightly belly fat is to do crunches for hours on end until your muscle just eats up all that fat and you suddenly have a six pack. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t work that way.

While you might be building some washboard abs doing all those stomach exercises, those muscles will never be seen unless you do something else to get rid of all that fat hiding your abs. But don’t despair; these 5 simple steps will help you get rid of that belly fat forever:

1. Reduce Overall Body Fat

Consistently consuming more calories than you burn will inevitably result in the accumulation of fat in the whole body. Since most people gain weight first in their stomachs, it can seem like every extra calorie we eat goes straight to our midsection.

While this may sound like it is a bad thing, it can actually be good because the first place that your body puts fat is the first place it takes fat away from. This means that by cutting down a few calories every meal will directly result in less belly fat. Guaranteed.

2. Focus on Whole Foods

When we told you to cut down calories you most likely envisioned yourself wasting away on a self-starvation diet. You’re not alone; most of America has negative connotations toward the term diet because all they hear is smaller portions and deprivation. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

By focusing on foods in their whole form: fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice, whole grains, lean meats, legumes, etc. you’re going to be able to cut down on calories while still being able to eat to your heart’s content at mealtime.

3. Add Flavor

Studies have shown that we digest food better when it tastes better. You’re also more likely to stay on a diet that you enjoy—imagine that? So when you’re preparing your meals that are full of whole foods, don’t just slap some raw cucumbers and celery on the table and expect to feel satisfied.

Grill vegetables with some olive oil and lemon pepper, or try zucchini pasta with your favorite marinara sauce. Whatever you do, make foods that you feel good about. Even if they take longer to prepare than your other meals, think of how much better you’re going to feel after you’ve got your flat stomach.

4. Keep Your Heart Rate Up

Like we mentioned before, it is not just strength training that is going to get you a chiseled stomach, you have to log some time in those running shoes. If you absolutely can’t stand the thought of starting your day with a morning jog, pull out the goggles and head to your local pool for some laps. Still not your cup of tea? Saddle up your bike and spin your belly fat off. Whatever it is, make sure you’re getting at least 20-30 minutes of cardio a day.

If you’re new to aerobic activity, start small so that you don’t get burned out. Don’t be embarrassed if your way of working out is taking a brisk walk after dinner. The key with cardio is to make sure it’s sustainable, and that you enjoy it. Because we know you’ll enjoy the fat melting away.

5. Try A Weight Loss Supplement

We know that all of these steps will help you lose belly fat and get a flatter stomach, but we also know that no one is perfect. By using weight loss supplements, you can ensure your success even if you break your diet a little here and there.

One that we found to be extremely helpful to those trying to lose weight around their midsection is Phen375. Because it has been formulated with prescription-strength ingredients, Phen375 supplement is the surest way to have a successful diet.