Hi! It’s Jessie Bowman here, and thanks for checking out my Website.

I am 36 years old and the reason why I started this website is that I am passionate about helping people losing weight and make them happy.

After FOURTEEN years of battling weight issues, I have finally found a solution to my weight problems.

I didn’t go under the knife and get the lap band or anything like that.

I simply, with the help of a secret my boss shared with me, learned of a solution to weight loss that is so simple I feel I just have to share it with as many women as I can.

Without making any drastic lifestyle changes like getting up and running five miles every morning, or going on some ridiculous egg white diet, or even risking my life by having the lap band procedure, I added this one simple element — Phen375 — and the weight has literally dripped off of me.

For years I felt the shame and humility that comes with not being able to tackle such a seemingly small problem like weight management. It has been a challenging journey. I am a hard working smart girl who was able to work her way through college and find a great profession. But weight loss always challenged me to the point of tears.

Since I’ve found Phen375, I’m winning the battle. And am happier than I can remember being in years!